Frequently Asked Questions

The interpretive staff at each site provide the written content and any specific images or other multimedia that they want to include. We do the rest.
iPhone 4+, iPod Touch, iPad 2+, and most Android devices.
Yes, once the app content has been downloaded, the app can be used completely offline.
The web-based admin console allows your staff to easily make changes or updates to the app. Staff simply need to use a computer or iPad to log on to the parks administrator console. The console makes it easy for staff to create or modify the content that visitors will experience when they use the app, with simple, easy to use tools for editing and uploading content like interpretive data, trail maps, videos, challenge questions, and more. Changes will go live the instant you make them.
No. We do not charge for maintenance, and parks staff are able to update the content within the app whenever they want. However, to add more features or content than are included in your current package will require a paid upgrade to a better package.

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